Navigator on benefits for disabled children

The SociPIN service "Social Personal Information Navigator" is intended for families with disabled children. - The essence of the service is that information is sent to parents of children at the beginning of the year: what TSR and in what terms the child should be provided for this year.
The following important data
are reported • * types of technical means of rehabilitation that must be provided by the end of the year;
• replacement dates or expiration dates for the use of existing TSR;
* addresses and phone numbers of the personal manager to contact.

Parents or legal representatives of the child choose a convenient form of receiving notifications: by e-mail or regular mail, in the form of SMS, orally by landline or mobile phone.
After receiving a notification, representatives of a disabled child can timely apply for security and choose a method of providing TSR, the Social Insurance Fund explains. For example, you can apply for a wheelchair in electronic form, and then pick it up at the nearest pick-up point or arrange for the delivery of a vehicle to your home.
Important: the notifications indicate the recommended deadlines for submitting applications for providing technical means of rehabilitation. Then everything depends on the parents of the disabled child. They decide whether to apply for a particular product within the specified time frame. "It should be remembered: the later the application is submitted, the later it will be possible to get a new TSR," the Social Insurance Fund draws attention to.