5 tips to get suitable TSR* * TSR-technical means of rehabilitation.

  1. First, you need to contact the institution of medical and social expertise (ITU). Specialists determine the degree of restriction of a person's physical abilities, determine the disability group and develop an individual rehabilitation and habilitation program for a disabled person (IPRA).
  2. After receiving the IPRA, you need to register with the department of the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation at your place of residence. It is easy to find out the address in the Social Navigator application, or in the local help desk or on the website of the FSS of the Russian Federation.
  3. An application for the provision of technical means of rehabilitation (TSR), the types of which are specified in the IPRA, should be submitted to the FSS department.
Today, you can apply in several ways of your choice:
• at a personal reception at the FSS department,
• in electronic form through the portal of Public Services,
* through multifunctional centers (MFC).
4. If the technical means of rehabilitation fails before the expiration of the warranty period, then according to the warranty card, the repair is performed by the organization that provided the TSR. You need to contact the supplier - his data is in the accompanying documentation for the product. If it is difficult for you to interact with the supplier yourself or you do not receive a response from him, you can also contact your branch of the FSS of the Russian Federation for help.

5. According to the law, people with disabilities have the right to independently acquire TSR, provided for in the Individual Rehabilitation and Habilitation Program (IPRA), and receive monetary compensation from the Fund.
To receive compensation, you need to contact the territorial body of the FSS at the place of residence of the disabled person.
The set of necessary documents will tell you the application "Social navigator".
The deadline for reviewing documents is up to 30 days. In case of a positive decision, compensation is paid within the next 30 days.
At the applicant's choice, the money is transferred by postal transfer or to the bank account of a disabled person.