Friend and helper

Such an assistant is supposed to be free of charge for people with visual disabilities of group I. To get a guide dog, you need:
* Contact the Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise (ITU) at the place of residence of the disabled person. In this institution, an Individual rehabilitation or habilitation program for a disabled person (IPRA) is drawn up, where the necessary rehabilitation measures are indicated. It is necessary that among them the provision of a guide dog with a set of equipment is indicated.
* Having received an IPRA with such a recommendation, you need to contact the territorial body of the FSS of the Russian Federation at the place of residence or in the MFC or use the electronic format on the Public Services portal. The package of necessary documents will tell you the mobile application "Social navigator".
• According to the results of the examination of the documents, the applicant is given a referral to the training school for guide dogs.
• When the turn comes, a blind person with an accompanying person is invited to come to such a school. There, specialist trainers introduce the dog and teach how to properly handle it in order to get the necessary help. If the compatibility of a person with a four-legged assistant is confirmed, they return home together.

The Social Insurance Fund pays for the travel and accommodation costs of a disabled person and his accompanying person at the training center for guide dogs for the duration of training. Also, compensation is paid annually for the maintenance and veterinary care of the animal. From February 1, 2021, the amount of such compensation is 26,520. 86 rubles.