Treatment and prevention

How to get a free ticket to a sanatorium

To get a preferential ticket for sanatorium treatment, a person with a disability needs to apply to the territorial body of the FSS of the Russian Federation at the place of residence or to the MFC or use the electronic format on the portal of Public Services.
You will need to submit the following documents:
• an application for a permit for sanatorium treatment;
• an identity document;
• a medical certificate in the form No. 070/y with a recommendation on sanatorium-resort treatment.
After submitting the documents, you will be put in the queue for receiving a sanatorium-resort permit.
Please note: today you can use a modern service - an electronic ticket of the Russian Railways for travel, which simplifies the registration of preferential documents for travel by long-distance trains to the place of treatment and back.

You will need to perform several simple actions:

1. Apply to the regional branch of the FSS of the Russian Federation at the place of residence. They will issue an electronic ticket confirming the right to receive a free railway ticket. After that, information about the beneficiary is sent to the server of JSC "Russian Railways", and a person does not need to go to the railway ticket office, as before, to get a discounted ticket.
2. Register on the website of JSC "Russian Railways" (
3. Specify the route, the date of departure, put a check mark in the item "on the FSS benefit", select the train, car and place.
4. Enter personal information - full name, SNILS (pension insurance certificate), passport data (birth certificate - for a minor).

If it is not possible to issue a ticket on the website on the Internet, you can still come to the ticket office for it, presenting only your passport.